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About Me

Sanat Ranganathan, Principal Attorney At The Law Offices Of Sanat Ranganathan

Sanat Ranganathan is the Principal Attorney at the Law Offices of Sanat Ranganathan. He has put in a great deal of hard work to get to where he is today and has become a well-respected member of his community because of the work he has done for it. 

Sanat Ranganathan

Law is order, and good law is good order.

Sanat grew up in Asia and also spent time in both England and Holland. He attended three prestigious law schools. Warwick University School of Law in the United Kingdom, one of the leading law schools in the world, Leiden University Europa Institute in the Netherlands, one of the oldest academic institutes of the European Union specializing in the law, and finally Duke University School of Law here in the United States, one of the top 15 law schools. Obtaining a law degree from all three of these Universities is certainly a huge accomplishment that could not have been done if not for Sanat’s drive to succeed.

Sanat has a passion for studying but he also has many other hobbies and interests that he is passionate about. These include things like hiking and travelling, soccer, Irish Pubs, art, and animal advocacy. He enjoys spending time in these hobbies with his wife; they will often be found together at the Art Institute of Chicago which they will frequently then follow up with a quick trip to a nearby Irish Pub.

It is also an accomplishment for a lawyer to be a member of the bar association in more than one state. Sanat is currently an active member of the Bar in both Illinois and New York and inactive in Missouri. Sanat has worked with many large, international companies but he also specializes in working with School Districts and Universities. Whomever he is working with, Sanat makes sure that the impact he makes on his community is one that benefits all.